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November 26, 2009

Wake Up Your Wild Self

The more we awaken the deeper levels of awareness of our own essential selves, the more it becomes clear that who we are is not at all who we thought we were.

Most people walking around today do not even take the time or make the kind of effort necessary to be able to even notice that who they think they are and who they actually are actually are not the same.

Spiritual ignorance can be described as the phenomenon in which you confuse who you think you are with who you actually are. It is easier than most people think to confuse your thoughts about yourself with the reality of your self.

If you take the time to examine your own thoughts about your self, you will see that there is a whole collection of descriptions about who you are and what you are capable of and not capable of doing. These particular descriptions often have little to do with what you are actually capable of doing or not doing. Many of the descriptions about who you think you are have very little actual basis in reality.

It is remarkable in many ways just how powerfully we can be seduced and fooled by the stories and thoughts in our own minds. A big part of the secret is that our thoughts operate so much in the background of our perception of life and reality. Before we can even notice it, our thoughts shape how we interact with life and others.

As our yoga practice deepens, we begin to direct our attention inwardly to gain a greater conscious awareness of these particular thoughts. Conscious awareness of your own thoughts gives you the capacity to see the difference between these thoughts and the reality that they are normally attached to. Conscious awareness of your own thoughts also gives you the capacity to be present to your surroundings in a way that is simply not possible when you are overly occupied by your own thoughts.

When you are truly present and awake to your current surroundings, you can begin to see that you are, in fact, not your thoughts. When you see that you are not your thoughts, a whole new kind of reality arises. You begin to see and experience yourself as you really are, not as you thought you were.

Each of us is basically pure energy, which is constantly expressing itself in different ways. Sometimes that energy is expressed as action. Sometimes that energy expresses itself as emotion and passion. Sometimes that energy expresses itself as thoughts. The only real limit to how this energy expresses itself is if we become overly identified with our own thoughts and beliefs. The moment you are able to free yourself from the attachment to your own thoughts and beliefs then what is possible for you in your life changes in dramatic ways.

Suddenly, what you thought you could not do becomes possible. All the limits that you thought you had become a lot less solid and you begin to feel to express yourself in ways that you had never imagined before.

This pure kind of energy that is in each of us, that flows through us is actually connected to the energy of the entire universe. When you are more in touch with this energy when it is no overly bound up by your own thoughts, you then begin to experience yourself as much larger than you ever did before. There is a creative power and a magical spontaneity to life that you cannot help but feel because this is the essential nature of this energy.

The more you free yourself from your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself and about life; you will naturally feel more wild and free. Before, where you saw only limitations and fear, you will see openings and possibilities. Life will literally begin to look like one continuous and exciting dance.

Naturally, this process is not an easy one. Very few people on this earth today have had much success in freeing themselves from their own thoughts. Like I said before, most people never even take the time to notice that there is actually a difference between their thoughts and the reality that they have created for themselves.

At the same time, the process of freeing yourself from your thoughts is not as impossible or difficult as it may seem. If you will start slowly and steadily to direct your attention inwardly, you will be surprised at what you can see and learn about yourself in a very short time. If you will simply pay close attention to your own breathing and direct your awareness into the present moment, you will awaken to a part of yourself that you perhaps never really knew you had.

This process of self-discovery is a wonderful journey. Every step of the way can be filled with a sense of magic and awe. This essential energy that we each are and that is connected to the whole of creation is powerful, free and wild.

As you become more and more in touch with that part of yourself, you too will become more and more powerful, free and wild.

Hari OM!


November 24, 2009

Water Documentary


Wake Up Your Wild Self
Water Documentary


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