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August 24, 2009

Seek to Look Beneath the Surface of Life

Now, it has been just over 3 weeks since the birth of our new son, Issa.

Each day has been filled with such joy and wonder.

On the surface of things, everything looks very mundane and quite messy. There is an endless amount of diapers to change, wash and dry. Every time I turn around, the diaper bucket is filled with new dirty diapers. Issa gets hungry every 2-3 hours. We have made a special point of holding him close and never leaving him alone, so one of us always is holding him in our arms. The routine has us in a constant state of activity.

Still, it does not seem like we are busy at all. Time seems to have slowed way down and there is a calmness and a stillness about the house that I have rarely experienced before. I often have asked myself, "if we are always in constant motion, much more than before the baby arrived, then why does it seem like everything is so still?"

Taking care of Issa provides a constant stream of distractions and I have barely time to get my practice in, but still I have never felt more focused in my life.

The answer to all these questions and more becomes very clear as soon as I look into Issa's eyes. The pure life force that radiates from within him is awe-inspiring. I have never in my life spent this much time around an infant before. Now, I know why having a child is such a remarkable experience for those who become parents.

Though a newborn's body is so small and fragile, because there is no mind or ego to interfere with the flow of prana or life force from within him, there is a power and a radiance that shines forth from them that has been lost by most of us as we have grown into adults.

As I sit and watch him, everything that he does, he does with his whole being. Every yawn, every burp, every stretch and every movement of his face is done with his entire being. There is no thought, no hesitation, no premeditation and no withholding.

When one acts or moves in this way, there is a deep power of one's being that comes out that is undeniable and very special. This power of pure being extends and spreads far beyond the boundaries of one's physical space and affects the energy of the atmosphere very strongly.

It is truly remarkable to be in this space, as it adds a mystical and magical power to everything. To be in the presence of this kind of energy is a great lesson in yoga and in life at its essence.

One of the primary lessons of yoga is to learn about the power of being. When we grow in our yoga practice and in our spiritual life, we learn that real power does not come from our behavior or from our material possessions. Real power comes from the essence of our own Self. Real power comes from the core of our being, from the depths of who we are, and not from what we do.

Most of us focus only on the superficial parts of our selves. We are seduced by physical performance and the quantity of a person's possessions. But if we look more closely, if we look beneath the surface of things, we will clearly see that there is something intangible, something unseen that adds real power to a person or situation.

Next time you are near a newborn child, gaze into their eyes and closely observe their energy and being. Even though there is only a small and fragile physical body in front of you, if you look beneath the surface of physical appearances, you will see an immense amount of power and presence.

We can all learn these profound lessons of life from these tiny beings, as well as, in many other situations.

So, as you move through your day-to-day life, look for the situations that life will inevitably present to you that can show you how life is so much bigger, more mystical and more powerful than what you can see with your eyes.

Seek to look beneath the surface of life and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

Hari OM!

Govinda Kai



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