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August 07, 2009

Formal Birth Announcement

This is the formal announcement of the birth of our new son. He was born last Saturday, August 1, 2009. The birth was relatively smooth with no complications.

We have not settled upon any name as of yet, but will have one in the next few weeks. In India, new babies do not receive their names for as long as 6 months, as they are considered divine incarnations and as such, names are delayed as long as possible. An expression of the divine cannot be named. I have always appreciated this particular custom.

Those of you who are parents know well enough just how amazing and intense this entire experience is. The process of giving birth to a new child is as close that we, as human beings, come to the primal and the divine side of life.

In truth, there are no words that can describe adequately what the experience is like. One's mental, emotional and physical focus becomes entirely directed towards the process of ensuring a safe and successful birth. Everything else simply recedes into the background of one's life.

All kinds of memories and issues from one's own childhood and relationships with one's own parents automatically arises and is experienced.

It is incredible how one's attention is brought so powerfully into each present moment. In that way, life becomes a kind of intense meditation. As with any strong meditation, I found so many of these moments very lucid and very cathartic.

In this way, the process of giving birth is a very spiritual experience.

I understand that this is only the beginning and look forward to sharing more of what this experience is like for me.

Love, Peace and Beauty to you all,

Govinda Kai



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