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July 25, 2009

Articulation of a Vision

The past few months Mae and I have been looking for some land in the countryside on the island of Kyushu in Japan. The process has been an exciting and joyful one. The island of Kyushu is a wonderful and magical place filled with some of the most spectacular natural terrain that I have ever witnessed.

There are a number of active volcanoes and many beautiful mountain ranges. The soil is extremely rich filled with many minerals. The quality of the water is perhaps the best in the world. The forests are deep and thick and there are many pristine and untouched areas. The waterfalls and rivers dazzle the eyes and the senses. The air has a sweet, sensual fragrance that makes one feel especially alive.

The volcanic nature of the island makes both the soil very rich and also creates thousands of natural hot mineral spring sources.

We have settled presently upon an area of the island known as Kokonoe. It is a vast area, comprising of over 240 square kilometers, but only having a little over 11,000 residents, which means that there are only about, on average, 40 residents per square kilometer. The open vistas are stunning to see. There are also about 300 unique hot mineral spring sources.

The power and the beauty of the natural, wild environments in Japan are truly a national treasure.

There are a few very strong reasons why we want to move to the Japanese countryside.

The first is, is that I have always dreamed of raising my children in this kind of natural beauty and pure surroundings. Nothing builds my joy and passion than imagining my children running and playing in the great forests and rivers of Japan. Nature is one of our greatest, if not our greatest teachers. Simply sitting quietly by a river or in a deep forest can teach a person more than thousands of books.

Secondly, it is my dream and my vision to practice yoga and to teach yoga in this kind of natural environment. Yoga set amidst these kinds of pure and natural surroundings is enhanced in so many ways. When you are in the midst of pure nature such as this, your body, mind and soul automatically relaxes and opens.

The energy of this kind of environment alone adds tremendous power to one's practice. There is a clarity and an understanding of oneself and one's life that comes so easily in this kind of setting. The natural harmony of these kinds of environments very easily and powerfully inclines a person to gravitate towards this kind of harmony within oneself. I always find that I eat more healthily and take actions that are generally more balancing when I am in these kinds of settings.

There is no question in my mind that there is a kind of inherent intelligence in nature and that when we immerse ourselves in the "soup" of deep nature, we ourselves embody this kind of deep natural intelligence. In many ways, there is no difference between the essence of yoga and the essence of deep nature.

My dream and my vision is to create places in these kinds of natural environments where many of us can gather to live, to study, to play and to love together. Places where we can create a genuine place of community, of learning and of healing.

We have been blessed by so much in this life. So much wisdom has been spread throughout this earth in the form of these great spiritual practices such as yoga. The earth in all her glory has continued to bless us with her bounty, her beauty, her power and her wisdom. We have been blessed by this human life and by all the connections that we have been given to each other.

Now is the time to begin to put all these elements together, so that we can fulfill our destiny with one another. So that we can fulfill our destiny as children of the earth. Genuine balance and harmony is our essence and our birthright. There is no real obstacle to the fulfillment of this destiny other than our own selves. Let us all work diligently towards this Divine end.

Hari OM!




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