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January 08, 2009

Water is the Key to Life

Very few things on this earth are as important as water.

The very earth itself is comprised mostly of water.

Our very physical bodies are also comprised mostly of water.

Water is everywhere. It is in all living things. It is in the air that we breathe.

This is why it is so strange that there is such a crisis in the world with regard to the availability of good, clean, pure water.

There are many parts of the world today where people are required to walk many miles simply to collect clean drinking water.

Even those who have access to clean drinking water are forced to drink water of less than great quality stored in poor quality plastic bottles. Most of the water that is being consumed today is of very poor quality.

Municipal water or tap water is recycled toilet and sink water, which has been treated with many chemicals and often, contains chlorine bleach and fluorine (these chemicals and others have strong anti-biotic qualities). Store bought water is mostly stored in very low quality plastic bottles. The problem with these low quality plastic bottles is that the plastic leeches and dissolves directly into the water. Thus, most of the water that most people drink today has a lot of dissolved plastic in it. This plastic ends of accumulating in the very tissue of the body.

Biologically, the quality of our blood is dependent on the quality of the water that we drink. That means that the quality of our overall health is dependent on the quality of the water that we drink.

In order to achieve optimum health, it is important to make sure that the body is more than adequately hydrated and that there is an adequate amount of trace minerals in our diet. The quality of every single process in our body and nervous system is dependent on moisture and different trace minerals. Unfortunately, most people on the world today are in relative states of inadequate hydration and are deficient in many important trace minerals. It is no accident that we are experiencing so many health issues on such a widespread level in the world today.

There is increasing evidence that the rise in rates cancer, heart disease and other diseases is linked to the shortage of high quality water. The body and mind are very delicate systems that require a high degree of balance in order to function smoothly and without disease. The presence of any kind of illness and premature aging is simply an indication that the delicate balance that the body and mind requires has been upset in one way or another. Sufficient amounts of good quality water are vital to the maintenance of the delicate balance that is required by the body and mind.

The best quality water has a very tight crystalline structure. That means that if you look at good water under a powerful microscope, you can see very beautiful, tight crystalline structures. Conversely, if you look at poor quality water, there is very little structure to the water. The tight crystalline structures present in good water are absent in poor quality water. The structure in poor quality water appears chaotic and disturbed.

Additionally, good water has an abundance of trace minerals, which are essential to good health. Poor water is almost completely absent of these powerful elements to good health.

The relative structure of the water is what ensures how much our body is actually able to use the water that we drink. Poor quality water simply does not hydrate the body and usually just runs right through the body and exits almost entirely through one's urine. Just like poor quality food, you can consume large quantities and derive no benefit. In fact, poor quality food and water can seriously compromise your health in a number of different ways.

For most of history of man's time on earth, water has been considered highly sacred. Very few things were more important than the protection and maintenance of pure water sources. It is no accident that fresh springs are located next to most of the ancient and revered temples and shrines in the world. This is certainly one of the most prominent features of the shrines and temples in Japan.

Native people the world over believe that the natural wisdom and power of the earth is transferred through the medium of its waters. Thus, it is no wonder most people on the earth today are experiencing such separation and disharmony with the earth and its environment. There is no question in my mind that there is now a great urgency to find ways to reconnect and re-harmonize with the earth and all its resources and elements. Our relationship to the water that we drink and use is one of the first and one of the most powerful ways to heal our relationship with this great earth.

One of the greatest benefits from living in Japan in my estimation is that there still exists a great cultural reverence for water. Fresh water springs are abundant and still taken care of with great love. The practice of visiting hot mineral springs and baths is still quite widespread. Still, more and more people are losing touch with their connection to nature and to the earth. In order to reverse this trend, it is important for us to reconnect in as many ways as possible.

So, this weekend, instead of going to the mall, go out and begin your search for a natural source of pure spring water. Natural springs are more available than you may think. You may have to do some research and detective work to locate the nearest springs, but that is nothing when compared to the relative benefits of finding a good, pure water source. They may not be in the middle of the city, but they are certainly located not that far outside of the city. You may have to drive an hour or more, but the effort you expend will be handsomely rewarded. Not only will you experience the power and joy of finding your own pure, vital water, but you will also get some much needed time outside of the city in powerfully natural spaces.

For those of you within proximity of hot mineral springs and baths, do take advantage of these great treasures! The waters of these sacred places heal not only the body, but the mind as well. Regular visits to hot mineral springs and baths is truly a sacred practice.

I cannot stress how important this practice of finding your own water is. The changes that will happen in your body, mind and life as a result of collecting your own water are beyond description.

Good luck in your search... OM!

Hari Hari... !

Govinda Kai



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