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February 15, 2008

Celebratory Joy

Celebratory Joy, originally uploaded by govindakai.

We shared so much laughter, good conversation and joy this afternoon..... can you tell?

Truly, I cannot wait for the next retreat. Let us make more and more miracles together... OM!



The Final Celebration

The Final Celebration, originally uploaded by govindakai.

What an amazing and unpredictable day.... from one joy to another.... all in the company of great hearts and great spirits. Let us all spend our days this way... OM!

The retreat in Okinawa far exceeded my expectations. The energy and the generosity that each student brought to the week was extraordinary. Each student experienced some kind of breakthrough for themselves. Many new friendships were made. So much was shared. I feel honored and blessed by my time here. I am extra inspired now to create new workshops and intensive retreats for the future.

Shiva OM!

Govinda Kai

February 11, 2008

Joy in Okinawa

Joy in Okinawa, originally uploaded by govindakai.

Workshop attendees from the workshop with Govinda and Mae in Okinawa from February 9-16, 2008. We had a wonderful lunch and afternoon together at a small restaurant called Hana. Such joy... OM!

It is important to schedule time in one's life for retreats such as this. There is a quality of practice, a time of personal reflection/contemplation and a chance to get to know other students in a way that is not possible in one's normal day to day life. So, sit down right now and schedule your next retreat.... OM!

February 04, 2008

Magnificent Orange

Magnificent Orange, originally uploaded by govindakai.

A main staple of my diet as of late has been fresh squeezed organic orange juice. It is vital that you keep your body properly hydrated with "living water", which is best found in the cells and tissue of organic fruits and vegetables. The beautiful thing about "living water" in fresh fruits and vegetables is that it is very receptive to sound vibration. Make sure that you send lots of sweet sounds, chants and positive vibrations into these foods and juices. I like to chant directly into the glass before I drink. Wonderful.

February 02, 2008

Adi Sankaracarya (788-820 A.D.)

Adi Sankaracarya (788-820 A.D.), originally uploaded by govindakai.

The great philosopher, sage and spiritual giant of India.


Celebratory Joy
The Final Celebration
Joy in Okinawa
Magnificent Orange
Adi Sankaracarya (788-820 A.D.)


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