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January 26, 2008

What We Put In Our Mouths, Part 2

Now, let's begin to examine the leading edge experts and innovators are saying in what I consider to be the "Golden Age of Nutrition".

Perhaps the two most important elements to include in our diets are trace minerals and enzymes. Both these elements are vital to the primary process of the building of and regeneration of the cells of our bodies. Without a healthy environment for our cells in the interior "landscape" of our bodies, our immune systems begin to break down and all the components of our bodies become more and more compromised. The pH environment of our blood begins to turn more and more acidic (a healthy interior "landscape" is slightly alkaline) and unhealthy elements such as mold, fungus and yeast begin to develop.

Because we have resorted to environmentally unsound agricultural practices and used massive amounts of dangerous chemicals in the process, we have decimated the rich soils of the earth. As a result, a majority of the topsoil has been lost, which is where most of the trace minerals usually resided. Thus, most of the commercially grown food of the earth is bereft of most trace minerals. Food without minerals can hardly be called food at all, as it is the mineral content in food which gives us the most nutrients.

So, the first thing to do if you want to revitalize and heal your body is to begin to find ways to increase the mineral and enzyme content of the foods that you eat.

What are those foods?

Well, here is a short list to begin with:

1. Organic fruits and vegetables: organic produce is reported to have as much as 20-30 times the mineral content as commercially grown produce. Not to mention the fact that most organic farms are much smaller in scale and there is greater care taken in the cultivation of organic crops. Try to eat as much of that food with as little processing as possible (yes, cooking is considered to be processing!). Heating food with high temperatures destroys the enzyme content and evaporates the vital living water that is contained in the food.

2. Sea Vegetables: the ocean is the greatest source of trace minerals on the planet. Thus, plants grown in the sea are high in trace minerals. Again, try to eat those sea veggies with as little processing as possible. Put kelp powder and/or dulse flakes in as many different dishes as possible.

3. Celtic Sea Salt: again, salt that is from the sea and has not been heat treated (only sun dried) contains high amounts of trace minerals.

4. Organic Bee Products: again make sure that these foods are not heat treated in any way. Bee products are the highest source of enzymes of any food in the world. Since bee products are such a concentrated food, it is vital that you only eat organically produced bee products. Very important!

There are many more foodstuffs, herbs and whole food supplements that you can include in your diet that can increase your intake of trace minerals and enzymes. Begin to research on your own in just which ways can work the best for you. Remember, the vitality of your health is deeply dependent on the amount and quality of trace minerals and enzymes you are taking into your body.

To be continued...!



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