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January 15, 2008

A Proper Role Model

All of us has the capacity to live an extraordinary and miraculous life. May we always have such magnificent role models as Shivapuri Baba.... OM!

This is a review of an amazing book by David Wolfe...

Long Pilgrimage by J.G. Bennett

The book is about the extraordinary life of the Shivapuri Baba, an Indian yogi born in 1826 who passed on in 1963. His life is well documented. And the beautiful story of his teachings is impressive. Nothing is quite as impressive though as the picture of the Shivapuri Baba at age 112. This picture is completely mind blowing. Since I have been reading the book I have been experiencing one of the most incredible highs ever and it is almost entirely due to the pure radiating power of just the picture.

The Shivapuri Baba, at the venerable age of over 110 is described in the book as: "radiating goodness and love" and "having the happiest smile I have ever seen on an adult's face" and "he still has his own teeth, and a fine head of hair and beard...his memory is phenomenal...he seems to be able to recall all the places he has visited and to see them again in his mind's eye."

At the age of 25, this yogi went off to live in the Shivapuri Jungle Forest where he remained for 25 years living entirely in the wild without communication with humans. His friends were wild animals.

Sometime around the age of 70, he decided he would walk the entire planet. It took him 40 years. He became famous all over the world as he traveled and heads of state in each country he visited requested visits from this simple yogi. Queen Victoria of England was so impressed by the Baba that she requested he stay with her for 4 years, which he did, only leaving after her death.

He even walked across America, Mexico, and South America.

The Shivapuri Baba felt it was a valuable practice for longevity to hold your breath after the inbreath and after the outbreath. He felt that excesses of any type would eventually reap their toll on the physical body. He felt that Pranayama and meditation should occur in the early morning.

The Shivapuri Baba overall is an outstanding example of the great historical Vedic spiritual teachings of the Indian race. As mentioned in the book (by a person cited by the author), it appears that India has been selected by the Divine as the home of advanced spiritual achievements.



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